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  • MR.M.W Namasake
MR.Evans Mahaya


Mr. Mahaya is the director in-charge of training. He is a professional teacher, with a Masters of education science degree from University of Georgia Atlanta (UGA) – United States of America. He also Holds a Bachelor of Education sciences degree from Kenyatta University and has over 15 years of post-graduation experience in education, training and evaluation of education standards. He has worked with several USAID funded programs that monitor and develop policies that empower children to perform better from an early age. He is also a distinguished speaker in matters regarding economic empowerment, a parent and a father figure to many.

Ms. Grace Mwangi


Ms. Grace is the team leader of programs. She is a professional social scientist and a thespian too with a great passion for kids. She holds a degree from Kenyatta University and currently pursuing professional training in social studies. She has is widely known in the field of children empowerment and is a champion of course for the disadvantaged, having adopted children herself. She supports several children within children homes and outside. She has a burning passion for a better humanity, she is a staunch Christian, and a model for the youth on matters regarding leadership and upright living. She is also a distinguished member of the art on the move where she has been using art to teach children and youths on benefits of good morals.

  • MR.M.W Namasake