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Our Vision

To create a wealth platform for every child born in Africa.

Our Mision

To champion every parent to take bold steps in positioning their kids on the financial platform.

Principle Objective

We are all about kids, connecting kids to their destiny helpers,positioning them on the financial platform, and creating financial  structures that work for them beyond generations.

Key Pillars

  1. Trust

  2. Resilience

  3. Change

  4. Passion

About Rich Kids International
Rich Kids international (RKI) is an organization registered in Kenya, (with a vision of operating in over 6 countries within the east African region).  RKI partners with individuals, business entities, various institutions including schools, religious assemblies and other organs of the society that nurture children. The focus is on children between the ages of 0-15years and the program runs till they attain the age of 25 years.

RKI believes that a child born to you (the Parent) has a greater bond that runs through generations and must be treated with great understanding on how we handle and position them on their financial platform. A child is born in love, in most cases. We advocate for parents starting a financial platform that runs through generations, a platform that empowers them, and the family at large.

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