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Write Your story for generations to come

As your children grow, from kids to teenage and adulthood,one thing remains clear, they do carry your name, your genes and your looks. Please add your pocket to what they take from you. The decision to empower their financial platform will be generational!

Our Financial world warfare

Everybody is looking for money Chinese,Americans,Indians , Nigerians they are all looking for money. Give money to  your child as they grow, it’s sure sacrifice  in war times.

Your child is an authority under construction

Authorities receive money. So if you want  your  children to have authority as they grow, put money on their financial platform.

It's that Genuine love

God so loved the world that he gave, if you love your child,  please give to their empowerement daily.

Generational Connection

The connection with your kid is generational. Jesus identified himself with David’s  lineage. Your children and grand children will identify themselves with you. Built their financial platform.

Umbilical Connection

You are connected to your kids with permanent mark, the umbilical scar. Its  one of the few scars on human body that never clears. Its always remains to remind you of your relationship with kids, empower them. 

It's natural Sponsorship

  That if you become a sponsor to your child’s financial        

  platform,they will never need a sponsor as they grow.

History will judge us

   A doctor will be judged by successfull patient recoveries,

   a teacher by the successful students she nurtures into

   successfull professions, a nurse by the humility in her service

   to the patients.

   A parent is judged by how well she positions

   her children on the financial platform. How would you like to

   be judged by your generation?

Are you a certified Rich Kid Parent?