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Rich kid concept comes from a personal experience! An African boy’s experience!   One of Richkids International directors was once given  a chick while he was a young (Kid) and he took care of it so well, that he was called a chicken  friend.

Every time he would be given anything, including food, he would remember his chick. The chick grew healthy and laid 17 eggs that hatched into chicks. Even before the chicks hatched, he knew how many days it would take to hatch. So when the day came, he woke up at 4am, literally he wouldn’t sleep, he heard the good news from the chicks noise, nywi! nywi! nywi etc and he went to check. Good news! New family members,18 strong!

His passion grew even further and took care of the chicks, and they all grew into full chicken. Then he had 18 chicken from a chick! By the end of that year, he had more than 200 chickens.

So his parents advised him to have some goats too. Which he accepted, changed some chicken into goats. In the second year, he had almost 10 goats, then each goat was exchanging for 8 chickens, mix of hens and cocks. The trend continued, and by the 5th year, he had 5 cows, from his single chick (featherless chick).