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However in the 7th year, one of his favorite bulls was slaughtered during a family function. He knew of the bad news on arrival from school, there were guests in the compound, and his favorite bull was nowhere. He cried till his ‘mum’ regretted the decision. He stopped eating beef for 8 years in solidarity with his fallen animal friend, the big bull! When he joined Secondary school, he had a herd of 15 cattle. Milk was in pure abundance. There was milk in almost everything; Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. The family used to milk over 8 cows, majority were his. Then one of his uncles was due for marriage and pride price had to be paid. Half of his animals were taken away for the pride price payment. This took place in his absence.The news was too much. He was almost hospitalized.

Since then he knew one thing, kids are born rich, parents make them poor from poor wealth management decisions!

The concept of Rich kids is about managing small things that belong to kids and making them big enough over time as the kids grow. In the process positioning kids on the financial platform empowering them over the years.

The Rich Kids International is working on a program that enlightens parents to take bold steps and make resources available to their kids, resources that will transform their children’s future as they grow.  
We request you to be a certified parent , not just a parent, but a Rich Kid certified parent!